Geist 51

Geist 51, Winter, 2003. Christopher Grabowski on the streets of Kabul; 
Cheryl Sourkes in a Virtual Toronto; Stephen Smith on hockey players; 
Jon Diamond and the Mousey Connexion; the Geist Doughnut Map of Canada.

Available now for $10.


Also included in Geist 51:

  • Fabrice Strippoli takes photographs of city nightlife
  • Michael Heatherington writes 52 Sentences
  • Stephen Osborne makes observations on his trip to Toronto
  • Eve Corbel on ladies in dance class
  • Daniel Francis visits San Miguel de Allende for a wedding
  • Alberto Manguel on Imaginary Islands
  • PLUS dozens of reviews, letters, findings from around the world.
  • (and lots more!)

Geist 51 is available to collectors for $10.

  • Taxes and same-day shipping included.



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