Geist 58

Geist 58, Fall, 2005. Colin Smith on the Holy Eucharist gathering; 
Evelyn Lau on destructive relationships; Eve Corbel's guide to Literary Underwear;  
Ivan Coyote and the road not taken; the Geist Canadian Map of Loudmouths and Outbursts.

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Also included in Geist 58:

  • Veronica Gaylie witnesses eccentric passengers on the bus
  • Annabel Lyon on Moving Books
  • Alberto Manguel on Alejandra Pizarnik, a poet in Buenos Aires
  • Stephen Osborne remembers the Volkswagen Beetle as the drunkard's car
  • Daniel Francis visits the legacy of Buffalo Bill Cody
  • Stephen Henighan on Spanish textbook translations
  • PLUS dozens of reviews, letters, findings from around the world.
  • (and lots more!)

Geist 58 is available to collectors for $10.

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