Geist 67

Geist 67, Winter, 2007. Anna Leventhal and The Polar Bear at the Museum;
Norbert Ruebsaat on a Soviet monument; James Long and one family's story; 
Brian Howell on Star Quality; the Geist Canadian Map of Mishaps and Mess-ups.

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Also included in Geist 67:

  • Runners-up of the Third Annual Postcard Contest
  • George Fetherling on reverse camouflage 
  • Stephen Osborne remembers the Museum of Exotic World
  • Eve Corbel on Some Lesser-Known Phobias of Writers
  • Alberto Manguel reviews Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner
  • Stephen Henighan on the Certificate of Entitlement
  • PLUS dozens of reviews, letters, findings from around the world.
  • (and lots more!)

Geist 67 is available to collectors for $10.

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