Geist 92

Geist 92, Spring, 2014. Katie Huisman captures Physical Attraction;
Gregory Betts on Morphing; ​Sina Queyras' Elegy for Photographs Not Taken;
M.A.C. Farrant on sneaky party guests; the Geist Tactile Map of Canada.

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Also included in Geist 92:

  • ​Stephen Osborne takes a Phantom Ride with Schopenhauer
  • Eve Corbel on confidence trumping accuracy
  • Daniel Francis on the suffering of the Prairie West First Nations people
  • Karen Connelly ​writes a letter to a brave Israeli friend
  • Vincent Colistro on How to Evade Death
  • Stephen Henighan looks back at WWI language
  • Alberto Manguel reflects on thought and speech
  • PLUS dozens of reviews, letters, findings from around the world.
  • (and lots more!)

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