Geist 95

Geist 95, Winter, 2014. Punk, politics and feminism by Connie Kuhns; winners of the Tobacco Lit Writing Contest; David Albahari's child-free neighbourhood; the Arctic photography of Bogdan Luca; Stephen Osborne on dog walkers, writing guides and the THE building.

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Also in Geist 95:

  • Diana Fitzgerald Bryden smells pungent success at the pre-Giller Party
  • Eve Corbel draws cooks who over-identify with their equipment
  • 31 nanas in one photograph
  • New fiction from Brad Yung
  • Stephen Henighan on hounders, gropers and bullies on campus
  • A poem in which Susan Telfer's father is not drunk
  • Mary Schendlinger on being trapped in a SkyTrain car
  • A glimpse into prohibition-era Canada with Dan Francis
  • George Webber: Trans Canada Porn
  • PLUS dozens of reviews, letters and miscellany from around the world.
  • (See complete Table of Contents here)

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