Geist 96

Geist 96, Spring, 2015. Atomic bomb photography with John O'Brian. Stephen Osborne on why the Walrus is so boring. Talking comics with Rutu Modan and Miriam Libicki. New fiction by Sara Cassidy. 

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Also in Geist 96:

  • Kodaking the bomb
  • Poetic investigations into psychogeographies by Stephen Brown
  • Last Supper in East Vancouver by Dina Goldstein
  • German sentence diagrams
  • Bruce Serafin on Henry Drummond and Leetle Bateese
  • Readers choice winner of the Tobacco Lit Writing Contest
  • Dan Francis on John Ralston Saul, Glen Sean Coulthard and the new Canadian narrative
  • Lethbians, Lethies and Bridgites
  • Questionable doctor reviews by Elaine McCluskey
  • Bill Howell on getting your lovely red Alero T-boned by a guy in a white Mazda
  • Jeff Schucard and one of the great piss-ups of all time
  • Dirt and debris in Lethbridge by Eric Dyck
  • Stephen Henighan on skiing, Canadianness and the imitation of customs
  • (See complete Table of Contents here)

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