Geist 97

Geist 97, Summer, 2015. Humour & satire from The Syrup Trap. Winners of the 11th Annual Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest. New suite of poetry by Evelyn Lau. Ethan Eisenberg's Toronto Pride photography. Fiction by Cary Fagan.

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Also in Geist 97:

  • Certain Embarrassing Questions from Rob Kovitz
  • David Albahari at the Banff Centre
  • The inside scoop on What Wave by Michal Kozlowski
  • Stephen Henighan on the social complications of immigration
  • Alberto Manguel presents the Armenian question
  • A list of things your poem should have from Kathryn Mockler
  • Eve Corbel on why old women cry at weddings
  • Milton Acorn Googling his own work
  • David Francis on Canada's history of war resistance
  • Letters to Manitora, Canada
  • Western Canada photography by Thomas Gardiner
  • Police scanner tweets from @ScanBC
  • Mini Aodla Freeman living life among the qallunaat
  • Selections of Chinese export paintings
  • and more!
  • (See complete Table of Contents here)

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