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All the Little Fires We Could Not Contain, 2022, oil on linen by Kyle Scheurmann.

Geist is the Canadian quarterly of ideas and cultureevery issue brings together a sumptuous mix of fact + fiction, photography and comix, poetry, essays and reviews, and more of the weird and wonderful from the world of words.

Geist distills the Canadian imagination into a tactile, stackable, admireable, finishable and entirely shareable magazine.


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"A tremendous warmth is mixed up in everything Geist does. It's human sized with a genuine heart."

- Sheila Heti

"Geist is intelligent, funny, and freshly irreverent. Geist brings swerve and verve to its articles, puzzles, fiction, cartoons, historical nuggets."

- Carol Shields

"Geist is the one magazine creatives read because they want to, not because they need to."

- another satisfied Geist reader

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