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PuSh 2020: An Interview with Ursula Martinez

UK performer Ursula Martinez shares thoughts on what inspires her and on provocation and rebellion in the arts. Read more

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photo: Manuel Vason

PuSh Festival 2019: Race Cards

A provocative art installation invites viewers to think about questions of race: in their lives, in the arts and in the wider world. Read more

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PuSh Festival 2019: 100 Keyboards

A deep, immersive sound collage develops over an hour and a half, produced by toy keyboards. Read more

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VIFF 2018: "The Proposal"

A documentary by New York artist Jill Magid, depicting her attempts to gain access to the professional archives of Luis Barragán, Mexico’s most famous architect. Read more

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VIFF 2018: The Proposal

A searing artistic investigation into who should own and control creative output. Read more

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VIFF 2017: "Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy"

A look at the recent work of landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy, whose visually stunning works engage with nature, examining time and timelessness, creativity and decay. Read more

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On Dorothy Parker Day we wear wool suits and little hats, smoke with cigarette holders and have a liver-coloured dachshund on a lead. Read more


PuSh 2017: Zappa Meets Varèse & Oswald

Three twentieth century composers who add a twist and some kick to their sound and mode. Read more

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PuSh 2017: Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder

Surreal. Bizarre. A woman in a shiny pink track suit makes life more difficult while wondering why it is hard. Read more

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Pierre Trudeau among the stars—a series of woodblock prints by George Walker. Read more


Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art

A revealing doc about the pioneers of an art revolution which is now so ubiquitous that its history is often forgotten. Read more

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PuSh 2016: Decoder 2017

A genuinely idiosyncratic sound and video art performance where versions of the past and future collide. Read more

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An exploration of art and pop culture by Anna Banana. Read more


"You know what I think it's worth?" Goldie said. "Fifteen bucks for the frame." Read more

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VIFF 2015: Rainbow Island

An optimistic film about tradition and change on a small Iranian island Read more

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VIFF 2015: Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict

A thoughtful and revealing portrait of a woman of influence. Read more

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VIFF 2015: Hockney

An immersive biography of the great British artist. Read more

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A collection of export paintings, created as souvenirs for Western tourists by Chinese painters who adopted Western painting techniques. Read more


Alberto Manguel examines the rich symbology of the fist, a primal symbol of rebellion and grief, across cultures and history. Read more


VIFF 2014: Art and Craft

Fantastic documentary about an honest forger and the curator obsessed with him. Read more

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