VIFF 2018: Le Grand Bal

Wild and riotous French people dance all night long to fiddles and hurdy-gurdies and pipes. more

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VIFF 2018: The New Romantic

Sexual politics in the age of Tinder are portrayed with skill and insight in this Canadian comedy about a young woman who contemplates becoming a sugar baby. more

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VIFF 2018: Spice It Up

No one gets Rene's student film about teen girls who join the army, but will sacrificing her very specific vision mean better art or the loss of something flawed but worthwhile? more

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VIFF 2018: N.O.N.

Greg wanders around Vancouver, looking for a job. more

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VIFF 2018: What To See

How to choose which films to see this year? Biopics of Colette and Astrid Lindgren; documentaries about science fairs, guitar makers and yoga; weird films about time travel, zombies and playing Pac-Man as civilization crumbles. more

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BC Cider Festival 2018

Pours and stories from over thirty cider makers at the Pipe Shop in North Vancouver, a restored heritage building where ships' piping systems were once constructed. more

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JFL NorthWest 2018: Maria Bamford

Comedy genius enraptures loving fans. Yes, I'm biased. more

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JFL NorthWest 2018: Beth Stelling

A regular on 'comedians to watch' lists for a couple of years. Stelling can be flippant, dark and crude but is always charming and funny. more

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JFL NorthWest 2018: Prepare for Laughs

It is year three for one of Vancouver's newest festivals which offers stand up, sketch and improv comedy from big names and young locals and also includes a program of madcap oddball events like. more

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PuSh Fetival 2018: Foxconn Frequency (no. 3)

Cacophony and spectacle in a truly genre-defying work of lights, noise, numbers and keyboards. more

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VIFF 2017: Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Digging beneath the surface of a classic Hollywood star who had a secret talent for invention. more

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VIFF 2017: Forest Movie

A Vancouver film about experience, atmosphere and letting your mind wander. more

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VIFF 2017: Maison du Bonheur

What defines a person? A beautiful apartment, a smile, a collection of shoes, memories? A Canadian filmmaker in Paris spends a month unraveling and illuminating one woman's life. more

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Summer road trips, books and cider

It's time to go listen to music in a field, watch an eclipse or seek out strange alcoholic beverages. more

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The Spirit of BC Craft Spirits

Dozens of artisans gather at the Croatian Cultural Centre to offer enthusiasts a chance to try everything from gins and vodkas to spirits made with berries, fir needles, cinnamon and kelp. more

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Books and BC Distilled 2017

BC's craft distilling festival inspires me to find books about how and why we drink. more

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