Merilyn Simonds
Implanting Forgetfulness in Our Souls

Each of the paradigm shifts that pushed human communication forward has met with stiff resistance. Even the invention of writing. From the perspective of the twenty-first century, such resistance seems incomprehensible, almost ridiculous.

Robertson Davies
Novelist, Playwright, Sex Machine

Robertson Davies' diaries reveal his zest for life and penchant for an act he refers to only as "h.t.d."

Arthur Manuel
Occupy Indian Affairs

Arthur Manuel recounts the time he and over 300 other activists took over the Department of Indian Affairs in 1973.


"Asked to write a character sketch, I wrote three pages on Ann’s hands. The paper was returned with every line crossed out and a question mark at the end."

Lethbridge 2034

Holographic animals, water parks and mind-reading helmets: young Lethbridgians speculate about what Lethbridge might be like in twenty years.

Elevator Will Not Fall

Ludwig Wittgenstein instructs you on how to comport yourself in a stuck elevator.

A.D. Peterkin
Pulling the Goalie

Auto pilot, devil's handshake and four sisters on Thumb Street.

Beth A. Robertson
Séan-tific Femininity

Despite enormous gains by feminists in opening up scientific and medical professions to women from the late nineteenth century onward, femininity continued to be associated with intellectual ineptitude.

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