VIFF 2018: Canadian Short Films

Every kind of film under the sun: dozens of shorts explore personal history, landscape, memory and pathos. more

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VIFF 2018: What To See

How to choose which films to see this year? Biopics of Colette and Astrid Lindgren; documentaries about science fairs, guitar makers and yoga; weird films about time travel, zombies and playing Pac-Man as civilization crumbles. more

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BC Cider Festival 2018

Pours and stories from over thirty cider makers at the Pipe Shop in North Vancouver, a restored heritage building where ships' piping systems were once constructed. more

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JFL NorthWest 2018: Maria Bamford

Comedy genius enraptures loving fans. Yes, I'm biased. more

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JFL NorthWest 2018: Beth Stelling

A regular on 'comedians to watch' lists for a couple of years. Stelling can be flippant, dark and crude but is always charming and funny. more

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JFL NorthWest 2018: Prepare for Laughs

It is year three for one of Vancouver's newest festivals which offers stand up, sketch and improv comedy from big names and young locals and also includes a program of madcap oddball events like. more

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PuSh Fetival 2018: Foxconn Frequency (no. 3)

Cacophony and spectacle in a truly genre-defying work of lights, noise, numbers and keyboards. more

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Paul Blakemore

PuSh Fetival 2018: History History History

Deborah Pearson screens a Hungarian political satire about soccer interspersed with commentary and a family quest. more

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Stephen Beggs

PuSh Festival 2018: Let the Art Games Begin

It's been over a decade since PuSh started remaking the artistic landscape of winter in Vancouver. The strangest, most mind-blowing theatre, film, music and dance, sometimes all smushed into the same performance. Make sure you don't miss out! more

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VIFF 2017: Forest Movie

A Vancouver film about experience, atmosphere and letting your mind wander. more

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Books and BC Distilled 2017

BC's craft distilling festival inspires me to find books about how and why we drink. more

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PuSh 2017: Zappa Meets Varèse & Oswald

Three twentieth century composers who add a twist and some kick to their sound and mode. more

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Matt Reznek

PuSh Festival 2017: It is happening

What makes Vancouver's PuSh performing arts festival so cool? Thoughts on this year and years past. more

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Levitation Vancouver

Multitude of musical offerings in Vancouver. more

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Levitation Music Festival Preview

Psych rock fest comes to Vancouver starting June 16th. more

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DOXA 2016: Looking for Exits: Conversations with a Wingsuit Artist

Extreme sport meets artistry in this portrait of Ellen Brennan, one of the preeminent wingsuit BASE jumpers in the world. more

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BC Distilled: The Lowdown

The best, most original and strangest flavour combinations in BC's craft distilling scene. more

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