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I found it quite hypnotic

I found it quite hypnotic andf meditative - to that end it's true that somewhere to sit or recline would have helped.

Anonymous more than 9 years ago

I found this performance

I found this performance cerebral and almost totally non-engaging. I was about to leave when I became bored and then suddenly there was colour--a bright red colour--and this stopped me in my tracks. Suddenly there was something engaging and elegant about the movement of the coloured light. And then I lost interest again. And left.
Part of the problem as a member of the audience is that the piece required that one stand for a long time on a hard floor (there was no seating in the room unless you chose to sit on the floor). So no relaxation of the body, no engagement of the body--an almost totally cerebral experience.

Anonymous more than 9 years ago


I don't think I'm going to make it to Billy Twinkle although I've heard it highly recommended. Has anyone been to this?

kris more than 9 years ago

PuSH the envelope!

Hi Kris,

It's a pleasure to read your relaxed, informed reviews. Since I'm sick and likely won't make it to [m]any PuSH events, at least this way I can enjoy them through you. Please tell me you're going to see Ronnie's marionnette show. And I'm looking forward to your reviews of the short musicals.


Diane more than 9 years ago