The Market and the Mall

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Addendum to my previous comment

This quote from Chomsky, gets to the point to which I could only allude:
Noam Chomsky Quotes
"There are a vast number of people who are uninformed and heavily propagandized, but fundamentally decent. The propaganda that inundates them is effective when unchallenged, but much of it only goes skin deep. If they can be brought to raise questions and apply their decent instincts and basic intelligence, many people quickly escape the confines of the doctrinal system and are willing to do something to help others who are really suffering and oppressed. This is naturally less true of the better-educated and "more sophisticated" (that is, more effectively indoctrinated) groups who are both the agents, and often the most deluded victims of the propaganda system."

Janet more than 9 years ago

the market and the mall as representative of Canada

The author has some valid points here, though his own recent immigration indicates his own lack of Ontario history. He does assume that Ontario history is pretty much Canadian history and present. The marketplace visitors do need the Mall for some of their goods. The newcomers possibly cook more of their own food, and from their own ethnic market, than his friends at the market he knows. Nowhere are our Canadian natives mentioned, which is the white version of "I accept everyone, as long as they as not native". You cannot say you accept other races if you cannot truly accept our natives in their very varied tribes and groups; where do they 'shop', do they 'shop' in the same way, do they have access to shops and do they want this? Our immigrants are people who have been vetted as good English-like or French-like potential Canadians, so their race is not allowed to seriously challenge our laws and ways, and with some, that is a very good thing. But we cannot dictate to our natives in the same way, so believing we are not racist as we live our 'moral' shopping lives at the local markets, is quite a feat of blindness.

Janet more than 9 years ago