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What do you mean, "Is this a

What do you mean, "Is this a sentence." It is a beautiful one - using a semi-colon and dependent and independent clauses. Hurrah for complex sentences and sentence variety!

abby3 more than 13 years ago

those who can't, bitch

I loved this piece, laughed, & read it out loud to my husband. Beautiful images in it - thank you, Ms Lau. As for the anons... those who can't write so well, could learn instead of griping.

Gillian Wallace more than 13 years ago

Yes, because so many

Yes, because so many unoriginal works of fiction are nominated for Governor General's awards. Take it up with your Prime Minister.

Linda Maj more than 13 years ago

The only disappointment in

The only disappointment in this article is that the website editors have neglected to update Ms. Lau's bio. The comments from those who remain anonymous are shameful - typical sucker punches from the bystanders content to sit in the sidelines as the artists and writers who have the courage if not the means to produce our art and literature remain the victims. Why don't you take your comments back to your own publishing houses - Facebook and Twitter. Please. lm

Linda Maj more than 13 years ago

Comments about relevance and

Comments about relevance and sentence structure make me want to get drunk and misbehave, especially when they are authored by "Anonymous."

Emily Thomas more than 13 years ago

What is not said

I enjoyed this article for what was not said - namely that the Prime Minister did not make much of an impact on the evening. This was probably a premeditated decision for the PM, to avoid the limelight on an evening that was purely political in nature. It is humbling to hear that Ms. Harper was noteworthy at an event given the controlling nature of her husband. I have often wondered how this couple interacts on "diplomatic" adventures and this is one of the first intimate accounts I have read. With politics being the way they are I have always expected Ms. Harper to be somewhat of a concubine living in the shadows. Lau provides a window of light in this article I was not expecting. Well done, Ms. Lau!

Brian more than 13 years ago

Artists at the Prime

Artists at the Prime Minister's domicile. How boring. Also, is this even a sentence?... "The fifty pink flamin­gos had flown from the lawn; there was no evi­dence they had been there just two hours ago, as if we had hal­lu­ci­nated them."

Anonymous more than 13 years ago