Flesh and Bone


Flesh and Bone (with Meg Ryan, James Caan and that handsome guy whose name I keep forgetting) had been sitting for months in New Arrivals at the local video purveyor's and no one ever seemed to pick it up. Feeling more than usually desperate last week, and fearing the worst, we decided nevertheless to give F&B a home for a few hours and so scooped it up and began preparations for another Bad Video Night (Savage Caves in the big bottle, the ashtray, the feet up), and then—well, boy, were we surprised. F&B turns out to be one hell of a movie: all the Greek tragedies wrapped up somewhere in the midwest (I could be wrong about that, but at times the midwest seems to be everywhere in the U.S.) and resonating like crazy with Important Stuff—and plenty of good vending machine lore and Greyhound bus stuff. A real movie, thick in the way so few movies are in these dark days. Grab it next time you need Good Video.

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