Occupy Indian Affairs

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border police

When we were all pulled over and everyone got ouot of the vehiclesa police official demanded all the drivers step forward and identify themselves. More people than there were vehicles reported they were driving. One exclaimed, "I was driving two of them!" That's when they told us to get out of there.

Terry Debassige more than 4 years ago


I was there in Aug of 1973. i was the 2nd one in behind Dutch Lerat; it became a defining moment in my life and heavily influenced my future as it defined who i was as an Indian person and strengthened my resolve to continue to advocate for native rights. Now 44 years later i am a headman of my community and continue to advocate for our People and inherent rights. Randy Bear - Muskoday First Nation

Randy Bear more than 5 years ago

More information

This is very interesting! My mother spoke about participating in the take over of the Indian Affairs building for years, I've tried to research this historic event for her but haven't been able to find much information about it (with the exception of this article). It was a powerful moment in her life as well, she was 16 at the time. Any guidance to find more information would be greatly appreciated by me and my mother. Meegwetch.

Grace Ortepi more than 3 years ago



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