Emily Chou
My Dad's Brother

(Or What Does Drowning Look Like).

Literary Festival Field Guide

Roni Simunovic catalogues types of literary festival attendees: the jaded art student, the CanLit socialite, the overworked publisher and more.

Eve Corbel
Old Women Cry at Weddings

Eve Corbel on marriage and what comes after the wedding: the monster mortgage, the dreary housework, the contemptuous in-laws and more.


Myles Wirth tells the story of Tsutomu Yamaguchi, oil tanker designer and survivor of bombings at both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Dakota McFadzean
Duck Thoughts

The odd duck out.

Réal Godbout
Kafka in Clayton, OK

Are you an engineer? Are you sure?

Nina Bunjevac
Letters to Manitora

Nina Bunjevac's homesick father receives hundreds of mis-addressed letters and postcards from Serbian penpals.

Eve Corbel
Odds Are

Eve Corbel lays out how likely you are to die by plane crash, shark attack, lightning, flu and other likely and unlikely causes.

Nicola Winstanley
Wall Spirits

Nicola Winstanley's comic on hearing spirits in the walls at a foster when she was young.

Alison McCreesh
Tuque, Socks and Nothing Else

Alison McCreesh encounters snow in May, a bemused gas station attendant and a dumpster to cook behind on a trip across Canada.

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